Shoalhaven Track Abandoned

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Shoalhaven Motor Sport Complex – Abandoned

Ben Pretty, CAMS General Manager – Sport & Club Development has advised us of the following:

Most of you would be aware of the environmental issues surrounding the Nowra facility and the last ditch attempt by MNSW to overcome ‘vulnerable’ orchids.

The latest report shows discovery of more orchids (which run through the middle of the property), now numbering over 100. Given that they’re protected under both state and federal law, MNSW has conveyed to CAMS the fact that they don’t have any other choice but to cancel the project. It’s not even a choice really, more a formality.

We have been informed that the local Federal member and a few high profile locals are trying to keep it afloat, but nobody has a solution for the orchid issue, and even if they (MNSW) do get past that there are still a couple of aboriginal land claims to be dealt with and a problem with groundwater contamination from the air base next door.

So after 8 years and more than a million dollars spent, MNSW has informed CAMS that they have no desire to forge ahead with the plans, and more so, that the new Board and management have no desire to own a racetrack.

A heartbreaking result for MNSW and obviously CAMS members. Eugene and I are currently touching base with Sport and Recreation NSW and also the Fed’s, however the likelihood of this facility becoming a reality is very low.”

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