There are quite a few things that don’t matter much when driving day to day on the street that suddenly become important when driving at speed on a race track.

Professional Race Driver and Coach, Scott Mansell, has given permission for our competitors to access the techniques that his Company Driver 61 has developed in the below Tutorials from their Drivers University.

Many of these techniques require practice and patience to master. The good news is that many of these can be practiced during every day driving to help them become second nature. You will find that the art of going quickly and safely around a race track is acquired through quality practice.

When on the track, concentrate on the quality of your driving more than your speed. With quality practice the speed will come as you become more familiar with your car and the track.

Please click on the tutorial links below. Each Tutorial contains a “classroom” video where Scott elaborates on these techniques.

Tutorial 1-3: The Basics

1. How to Drive the Perfect Racing Line
2. The 6 Phases of a Corner
3. Improving Vision on Track

Tutorial 4-7: Traction & Braking

4. Understanding Grip
5. Understanding Weight Transfer
6. The Ultimate Guide to Braking
7. How to Trail Brake

Tutorial 8-12: Cornering

8. Different Corners & Techniques
9. Maximising the Braking Phase
10. Maximising The Corner Entry Phase
11. Maximising The Mid-Corner Phase
12. Maximising the Exit Phase

Tutorial 13-14: Correcting

13. A Guide to Understeer
14. A Guide to Oversteer

Tutorial 15-18: Perfecting

15. Driving at the Limit
16. Prioritising Circuit Corners
17. How To Fully Utilise Vision, Feel & Hearing
18. How to Warm Tyres for Testing or Racing

Tutorial 19-22: Implementing

19. Making the Most Out of Your Track Time
20. The Ultimate Guide to Learning a New Circuit
21. The First Corner: The Do’s & Don’ts
22. How Not to Overtake: Overtaking Tutorial

Tutorial 23: Data Logging

23. An Introduction to Data Logging

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