Championship Admin Bob Welsh Retires

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After 23 years on the CAMS/Motorsport Australia NSW Supersprint Panel, Championship Administrator Bob Welsh is retiring from the Panel. Bob developed a computer system that together with his insomnia provided full Championship results before breakfast the following morning. With this legacy system not able to be transferred, the Panel will not be able to match this level of service with the bar being raised so high, but it is committed to providing Chapionship Results in a very timely manner for future events.

The scope of Bob’s contribution to Supersprint Championship Administration was so wide that he will not be able to be replaced by a single person. Dianne Mawer (NSWRRC) has joined the Panel as Championship Registrar and Dianne will be managing our Championship Registrations which includes the Championship Registration process, Championship competitor number system and management of the Championship Registrants data base.

Ian Williams (HSVOC) started taking over the Grid set up from Bob at Round 4 and will continue to do that into the future. Ian, who is also the Panel’s Webmaster will also do the Results next year and develop a system where these functions can be handed over to over Panel members.

In 2024 the Panel will be assessing improved options for Championship Registration and competitor communication, including leveraging the capabilities of this website.

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Chair, Motorsport Australia NSW Supersprint Panel, elected Member of the Motorsport Australia NSW State Council Executive, Series Scrutineer Motorsport Australia NSW Supersprint Championship, HSV Owners Club of NSW (Inc HDT) Webmaster & Motorsport Australia Delegate. Motorsport Australia Officials Licences: Silver Scrutineering, Bronze Event Command, Club Chief & General Official.
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