Electric / Hybrid Vehicles Policy

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The CAMS NSW Supersprint Panel at it’s last meeting clarified it’s position in terms of Electric or Hybrid vehicles wishing to run in Supersprint events.

Electric or Hybrid vehicles will not be allowed to enter into any CAMS NSW Supersprint Championship events until at least the end of 2020. This exclusion will be reviewed for 2021. There are both safety and eligibility issues involved and until a critical mass of Electric or Hybrid vehicles wanting to run in these Championships is achieved, and the safety issues of Lithium Ion batteries are addressed, this exclusion will remain.

However a Policy has been developed as a guideline for Clubs who wish to allow electric or hybrid vehicles to compete in their Club or Multi Club events. There are requirements for the specific training of officials and for the provision of personal protection equipment that will need to be put into place prior to including these cars to compete in Club or Multi Club events. The host club will need to take this into consideration prior to accepting entries from electric or hybrid vehicles. 

Please click on the following link to download a copy: SSP 38 CAMS NSW Speed Electric Vehicle Policy

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