Zestino Tyres Host Club Trophies are awarded to the Winners of each Class contested at each Round, provided that 3 or more competitors have recorded a time in that Class. All competitors in each Round are eligible, both Championship Registrants as well as non-Registrants.

2020 Round 1 – Host Club: NSW Road Racing Club

ClassClass DescriptionClass WinnerLap TimeVehicle 
2R1Road Registered Exotic Sports CarsMarek Tomaszewski1:08.6803Porsche GT3
2R3Group 2F Prodsports on Road Tyres 2001-4000ccRichard Wodhams1:13.6977Lotus Elise
3R3Group 3J Improved Production on Road Tyres 2001-4000ccJackson Wylie1:16.2245Honda Civic Type R
3R4Group 3J Improved Production on Road Tyres >4000ccAllan Marin1:10.5820VL Commodore
3S4Group 3D Sports Sedans on Race Tyres >4000ccMatt Cole1:06.0509Mazda RX7
RM3Road Registered Limited Mod’s 2001-4000ccDaniel Cunningham1:12.8264VW Golf
RM4Road Registered Limited Mod’s >4000ccRex Yu1:11.9181Toyota Supra
RR2Road Registered Minor Mod’s 1601-2000ccWill Grilo1:18.2694Toyota 86
RR3Road Registered Minor Mod’s 2001-4000ccNik Kalis1:14.9612Renault Megane
RR4Road Registered Minor Mod’s >4000ccBill Vouden1:16.5661HSV Commodore
TA1Time Attack Clubsprint 2WDRobert Kolimackovski1:10.0378Honda Integra
TA2Time Attack Clubsprint 4WDRyan Marshall1:11.771Subaru WRX STI

Trophy Collection:
Zestino Tyres Host Club Class Trophy winners will be notified of their success by the Host Club and listed on this page. Trophies will be available for collection at the following Round from the Race Secretary’s office. If you cannot collect it yourself, please arrange for someone to collect it on your behalf. You can also request the Host Club to mail it to you at a cost of $10.00. Trophies not collected or mailed by the following Round will be subject to recycling so please ensure that you make arrangements for their collection or mailing.