This page contains promotional information provided by Zestino.

The Zestino Tyres Australia sponsorship of the 2020 Motorsport Australia Zestino Tyres NSW Supersprint Championships will be delivering some great benefits to our competitors this year.

First, Zestino Tyres Australia will be providing Host Cubs with 1st Place plaques for all Classes with 3 or more competitors at each Round. If you win your Class on the day, you will be eligible for a 1st Place trophy. Please click here for more information on Class Winner’s plaques.

Zestino Tyres Australia are also providing our supersprinters with one off Group Buy at very special pricing on their Gredge 07RS street legal track tyre. The Gredge 07RS is a direct competitor of the Bridgestone Potenza RE-71R and the Toyo Proxes R888R, but much less expensive. They are also great performers, please click here for more information including track test videos. To find out more about the one off Group Buy deal, please click here.

Additionally, Zestino Tyres Australia have introduced the Zestino Cup for all supersprinters competing in the Championships this year who are running Zestino tyres. The Zestino Cup is a seperate competition to the Motorsport Australia Zestino Tyres NSW Supersprint Championships and is not limited to Championship registrants, but all those who have competed and commences with Round 2.


Any Championship entrant on Zestino 07R, 07RR or 07RS tyres (street legal tyres)

Competitors must have two Zestino stickers. One on each opposite side window of the vehicle to be eligible. (Available from Race Secretary’s Office)

Points will commence to be scored at Round 2 with the best 4 out of the remaining 5 rounds being scored. 

To be eligible, competitors must first submit an online entry form (below) to be included in the progressive points score.


The competition will be split into two groups based on tyre width:

Class 1. Under 260

Class 2. Over 260

If staggered we calculate by (front width + rear width) /2 


1st      $300 cash + a set of Zestino tyres of competitor’s choice

2nd     $100 cash + a set of Zestino tyres of competitor’s choice

3rd     A set of Zestino tyres of competitor’s choice


When you enter below to be included in the Zestino Cup you will asked what Zestino tyre size(s) your car is running to confirm your Zestino Cup Class. Finalists will need to show proof when they commenced using Zestino tyres to be eligible for one of the prizes by providing a receipt for their Zestino tyres. So don’t lose your receipt!

Points will be awarded for places in each Class as below for each Round. The competitors with the highest point scores for their respective Class will be the winners. Remember, the earlier that you put on a set of Zestino’s the more Zestino Cup Points you will be able to accumulate!

In the event of a tie, a count back will take place with the winner having the greatest number of superior places.

Ninth1018th to 20th1


Please Click here to submit your entry into the Zestino Cup. Prior entry is required for inclusion in the Zestino Cup’s progressive Points Score.

Progressive Points Score

Progressive points scores will be listed on the Zestino Facebook page after each Round, commencing with Round 2. Please click here to view.