State Championship Forms & Information

Minimum Helmet Standards & Labelling

There are minimum standards of helmets and frontal head restraint systems permitted to be used during competition in the Motorsport Australia NSW Supersprint Championship. Helmets will be checked for the appropriate labelling at each event and drivers will not be permitted to compete if their helmets don’t display the approved labelling.

Please click here to download a copy of approved helmet standards and associated labelling required in Supersprint competition. Please note that if you plan to compete in another form of Motorsport, you should check Schedule D of the Motorsport Australia Manual for the minimum standards as Motor Racing for example has a higher minimum standard than Speed events. Motorcycle helmets cannot be used as they don’t have the fire resistance nor the stationary impact protection of a car racing helmet.

NSW Supersprint Championship Sporting Regulations SSP 02

The Motorsport Australia NSW Supersprint Sporting Regulations SSP 02 define the parameters under which the Championship is run. It covers the structure of the Championship, eligibility of cars and drivers, point scoring, awards and so on.

Please click on the following link to download a copy: SSP 02 Championship Sporting Regulations

NSW Supersprint Championship Technical Regulations SSP 03

The Motorsport Australia NSW Supersprint Technical Regulations SSP 03 are a “must read” for every competitor as they define the Type and Class that the competitors car will compete in. The correct Type and Class decision is crucial as it cannot be changed after the first Round of the Championships has been held. Points are awarded by Type and by Class. If you have any questions about your Class, please contact the Championships Eligibility Officer Gerry Martin.

Please click on the following link to download a copy: SSP 03 Championship Technical Regulations

Several Championship Types are based on race car Groups that are defined in the Motorsport Australia Manual of Motorsport or WTAC Rules. These Regulations are to be read in conjunction with the Championship Technical Regulations SSP 03.  You can download a copy by clicking on the relevant link below:

Type 1S – Racing Cars

Type 2R – Group 2F Prodsports

Type 2S – Group 2B Prodsports

Type 3R – Group 3J Improved Production

Type 3S – Group 3D Sports Sedans

Type RR – SP11 National Championship Classes -Appendix A

Type RM – SP11 National Championship Classes -Appendix B

Type TA – World Time Attack – Clubsprint (Classes 1 & 2)

Type TA – World Time Attack – Open (Classes 3 & 4)

Motorsport Australia NSW Speed Event Declaration & Disclaimer SSP 05

This disclaimer has been designed specifically for Motorsport Australia NSW Speed events (Supersprints & Hill Climb) and must be used if Targeted Scrutiny is in place at the event.

Competitors must declare in this document that their vehicle has been inspected and is in a condition suitable for competition and that the driver is satisfied that the vehicle and equipment is safe for competition.

The reason for this is that vehicles in the Targeted Scrutiny system, after submission of their log book to scrutineering and receiving a scrutineering label, are allowed to commence competition without further inspection of that vehicle.

The Motorsport Australia NSW Supersprint Panel has recommended that all Clubs that host speed events in NSW use this Event Declaration & Disclaimer.

Please click on the following link to download a copy: SSP 05 NSW Speed Event Declaration

NSW Supersprint Supplementary Regulations Part 1 SSP 10

The Motorsport Australia NSW Supersprint Supplementary Regulations is a two part document.

Part 1 of these Supplementary Regulations is SSP 10 and this document contains all the fixed information that is common to each Round of the Championships.

Part 2 contains the variable information that a host club needs to provide for each Championship Round and is based on the SSP 11 template.

Both Part 1 and Part 2 will be published by each host club, but only Part 2 will remain constant between Rounds.

We recommend that you make yourself familiar with Part 2 of the Championship Supplementary Regulations as that information will not change throughout the year.

Please click on the following link to download a copy: SSP 10 Supplementary Regulations Part 1

Online Change of Vehicle Request

Do you need to enter a vehicle that is different to the one that you originally registered for the Championships?

If so, please click here to complete and submit a “Different Vehicle Form” online for consideration by the Championship Administrator.

This form can only be used in respect of a “Different Vehicle”. A “Different Vehicle” shall include only:

* a completely different vehicle to the one originally entered in the Championship, or

* a vehicle entered in the Championship that has modifications made to it that would render it ineligible to compete in the Class originally entered.

Targeted Scrutiny

The targeted scrutiny program is an ongoing program based on a combination of routine and random audits of log booked vehicles and driver’s apparel to ensure such equipment remains in compliance with all relevant regulations. Its main benefit for competitors is that it eliminates the requirement to have their cars join the scrutineering queue in the morning. Motorsport Australia has published Notes on this system please click here to download.

For more information on Targeted Scrutiny, please click here.

Motorsport Australia Stewards Hearing: Rights of the Defendant

One of the most difficult parts of Motor Sport, particularly for new competitors, is to understand the workings of the judicial system. It’s probably the major source of the competitor’s enquiries and it is hoped the explanations on this document will be of assistance.