Electric Vehicle Working Group Formed

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The NSW Supersprint Panel acknowledges that as performance EV’s are becoming increasing popular, it needs to plan how to include these cars in Supersprinting.

EV’s are not currently permitted to run in the NSW Supersprint Championship, the major problem being with the Lithium Ion batteries in the event of a collision with a barrier or another vehicle.

Tesla’s own guidance is leave a car in situ for 24 hours if there has been a collision as the risk of spontaneous battery fire is very high within that period. The amount of water needed to extinguish a battery fire from memory is somewhere near 16,000 litres (and applied direct to the battery), a quantity which cannot be available on the track. The other problem is the very high heat of a battery fire which will require track resurfacing afterwards.

Due to the complexity of this, and other problems including how to best determine up EV Classes, Motorsport Australia has commissioned an Electric Vehicle Working Group (EVWG) comprised of very senior members to make recommendations that allow Electric Vehicles to compete in Australian Motorsport.

The first meeting of the EVWG was held on the 16/06/20 with monthly meetings to follow for the remainder of 2020. A timeline was established by the EVWG to have gathered and supplied appropriate information to Motorsport Australia with the aim that regulations for Electric Vehicle Competition are able to be ready for the start of 2021.

From this timeline, the NSW Supersprint Panel will probably not have enough time to develop classes and Tech Regs for the 2021 Championship year so the earliest we may see EV’s in our Championship would be 2022 – if a successful outcome can be achieved.

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