CSCA Supersprint Series

The association known as the Combined Sports Car Association

is an association between various sports car clubs which has been
running CAMS club and multi club level motorsport events since 1972.

Calendar for 2019

Round 1, Saturday 2nd March – Wakefield Park (Club Lotus Australia)

Round 2, Sunday 14th April – SMSP Amaroo / South (Sprite Car Club of Australia)

Round 3, Saturday 25th May – SMSP Druitt / North (Jaguar Drivers Club)

Round 4, Saturday 29th June – Wakefield Park (Austin Healey Owners Club)

Round 5, Saturday 17th August – SMSP Gardner / Brabham (Morgan Owners Club)

Round 6, Saturday 14th September – SMSP Druitt / North (MG Car Club & MG Newcastle)

Round 7, Sunday 10th November – Wakefield Park (Triumph Sports Owners Assoc.)

Current Member Clubs

Austin Healey Owners’ Club – Founding Member

Morgan Owners’ Club of Australia – Founding Member

Triumph Sports Owners’ Association – Founding Member

MG Car Club (NSW) Limited – Founding Member

MG Car Club Newcastle

Club Lotus Australia – Member since 1977

Jaguar Drivers Club of Australia – Member since 1980

Sprite Car Club of Australia – Member since 1986