About Supersprinting

What is Supersprinting?

Supersprinting is the entry point into competitive motorsport. The aim of Supersprinting is to give people the opportunity to drive their road registered vehicle on a race circuit under conditions similar to a motor race.

Supersprinting enables participation in motor sport at the lowest cost level. The cost involved is minimised by focusing the rules of Supersprinting around road registered vehicles and requiring only the minimal adjustments needed to road registered vehicles for safety reasons.

In a Supersprint, each competitor’s aim is to set the fastest lap time compared to other cars in the same class as the competitor’s vehicle. In short, each competitor is “racing against the clock” rather than racing against the other cars on the track.

Competitors are grouped by lap times. The number of cars in a group that goes out on the circuit at any one time varies depending on the length of the circuit and the lap speed of the Group.

Competitors need to be a member of a CAMS affiliated Car Club and have a current CAMS Speed (L2S) Licence. Please click here to download a Speed Licence Application form. They also need a helmet complying with AS1698 or better, neck to wrist to ankle clothing and closed footwear of non flammable (ie not nylon) material.

Cars will need to pass a safety check before competing and will generally need to be fitted with a fire extinguisher complying with AS1841.5 that is no older than 3 years from the date of filling, any forward facing glass (eg fog lights) need to be taped over and a blue triangle with 150mm sides showing the location of the car’s battery.

The great thing about Supersprinting is that you can drive as fast as you want in a relatively safe environment, legally. Supersprints are different to “Off the Street” track days as cars are placed in groups of similar speeds and driving with due consideration of others is enforced by the hosting club. If you don’t want to drive really fast you don;t have to, just get yourself allocated into a slower group until you feel comfortable enough to proceed.

It is recommended that Competitors progressively build their skill levels up at Club and Multi Club events and when confident enough with your pace and want to see how you perform in relation to others in your class, register for the CAMS NSW Supersprint Championships. Registration takes place at the end of each year, please click here to submit an Expression of Interest to register.


CAMS NSW Supersprint Championships

Club and Multi-Club Supersprints are not generally competitive other than in terms of trying to improve your own personal best lap time. If you belong to a car club that uses a Club or Multi-Club Supersprint Series to base it’s own Club Championships on, the supersprint rounds will be competitive then – but only in terms of gaining points within your own club.

For drivers who want a broader level of competition and the fulfilment of competing at a State level, competing in the CAMS NSW Supersprint Championships is the answer.

The CAMS NSW Supersprint Championship Series are “State” level events and generally has slightly higher scrutineering requirements than Club and Multi-Club level events. The reward is that entrants in this series are eligible to become “State Champions” in both Type and Class as well as setting official State lap records at the various circuits.

Competition is based on various Types and Classes of cars. 24 points are awarded to first place in the Type or Class, 23 for 2nd place and so on. The competitor with the highest number of points (after the round with the lowest number of points is dropped) is the winner of that Type or Class, and in fact is the NSW State Supersprint Champion for that Type or Class. For more information about these Championships please click here. Details of Types and Classes are in the SSP 03 Technical Regulations.

Competitors need to register for the following year’s Series once registrations open late in November. Registration takes place at the end of each year, please click here to submit an Expression of Interest to register.