If you haven’t registered for the Motorsport Australia NSW Supersprint Championship yet, please click here to do so. Registrants receive their own competition number and become eligible to score points towards their 2024 Type, Class and Club Championship trophies.

Sunday 14th July – Sydney Motorsport Park – Gardner Circuit Preferential Entries Open Now!

Hosted by the ARDC

Round 4 of the 2024 Motorsport Australia NSW Supersprint Championship is to be held on Sunday 14th July 2024 on the Sydney Motorsport Park Gardner Circuit, and is hosted by the Australian Racing Drivers Club.

This event is being conducted under Motorsport Australia Permit number 224/1407/01.

Complete your Event Entry and payment online via the ARDC Competitor Portal. Event Entry directions via the ARDC Competitor Portal are at the bottom of this page.

You will need to have registered a profile in the Competitors Portal on the ARDC website so that you can login to enter the event. If you do not have a profile registered, please follow the instructions at the bottom of this page.

Entries will be accepted in order of receipt.
Entries will close 10:00pm Sunday 30th June 2024.

Important Event Information:

1. Please read the Supplementary Regulations. They contain all the requirements for the day:
SSP 10 – Part 1 Supplementary Regulation (Information common to all Rounds of the Championship)
SSP 11 – Part 2 Supplementary Regulations (Information specific to this Round of the Championship)
2. Please make sure that your vehicle is eligible to compete in the Class that you have entered. To check please download the SSP 03 Technical Regulations to make sure.
3. Drivers Briefing Notes will be emailed to you closer to the event. Once you have read them, you will need to go to your ARDC Competitor Portal / My Driver Registrations then make sure that you click on “Accept“. If you have not done this before the event, you will be held up at Scrutineering to do it before you can proceed any further.
4. There will be no vehicle safety checks prior to competition commencing, however random audits on cars without a Motorsport Australia Log Book will be conducted throughout the day. Please refer to SSP 20 Scrutineering Reference Sheet for the items that will be audited.

5. All competitors are to Show photo identification at Scrutineering check-in prior to driver wrist bands being issued.

6. When you have entered online you will be given a QR Code. Please bring a copy of this QR code (printed out or on your phone) to the Admin Check-in Table at Scrutineering where it will be scanned.
7. Helmet checks will be made at Scrutineering check-in, apparel checks will be made at the time of audit.
8. If your vehicle has a Logbook, it must be presented at Scrutineering check-in.
9. A Scrutineering label and drivers wrist band is required prior to competing and will be issued once the scrutineering checks have been made at check-in.
10. If the Driver is under 18 years of age, a Parent/Guardian Consent must be completed (Recent History Section not required), printed and submitted during scrutineering/check-in on the day.

Do you need to enter a vehicle that is different to the one that you originally registered for the 2024 Motorsport Australia NSW Supersprint Championship?

If so, please click here to complete and submit an online “Vehicle Replacement Form” for consideration by the Championship Registrar.

How to Register a Profile online with ARDC

Before you do anything, please check, if you are an ARDC Member, that your membership is valid and in date. This will make the process below so much easier for you.


If you are a new competitor

•   Fill in all requested fields and click SIGN UP

•   Make sure you have your Car Club Membership details on hand

How to enter an event online with ARDC


1. To Enter Event Meeting

•   Choose Event from the list you wish to enter

•   Choose Type

•   The next page, if you are not already an ARDC Member, will ask if you wish to join

•   Choose your Class

•   Advise your Team Name

Select Driver (If selecting a NEW driver simply provide Surname and MOTORSPORT AUSTRALIA ID When Driver is provided, select and confirm

•   Advise if anyone is under 18 years of age (if they are, then let ARDC know, and we will send you the appropriate Disclaimer

•   Select your vehicle from the Existing list, or add a NEW vehicle

•   Confirm your vehicle details

•   READ & CONFIRM the Risk Warning, Disclaimer and Indemnity

•   READ & CONFIRM the Statement of Vehicle Compliance


Should you not require any garage/carports/Private Practice/OLT/extra tickets etc, you can skip straight to the Summary Page

•   Booking a garage, please remember that preference is always given to ARDC members and only 1 garage may be booked per ARDC member.

•   Additional garages may be requested at this time and placed on a Reserve list. (Payment for reserved garages is not taken until confirmation of garage is applied)

•   Carports will be FREE OF CHARGE, and as such, cannot be booked. First come first served.


All submitted details should be reviewed and if modifications are required, go back to previous page highlighted by the tabs at the top of the screen. If all correct, then  Submit & Pay

4.    PAYMENT;

Payments must be made by Credit Card.

Confirmation of email will follow via email and a QR CODE created for the entry. (this will be required to be shown at the event Admin Checkin).

PLEASE, take a photo of the QR code  and store on your phone. This will make it very east to produce when asked at Admin Check in.

5.   Upon submission of an entry, emails will be sent automatically as follows;

•   An email will be sent to the Competitor to confirm your application.

•   An email will be sent to the Driver to confirm they have been entered into the event and advising them they have 12 HOURS in which to complete ALL Disclaimers. If this is not completed in the advised time, then the ENTRY IS WITHDRAWN & any Garage booked LOST.

•   An email will be sent confirming payment, and providing a Tax Invoice for the entry

Applications will be considered as Entered into the event only upon full payment.