If you haven’t registered for the Motorsport Australia NSW Supersprint Championship yet, please click here to do so. Registrants receive their own competition number and become eligible to score points towards their 2024 Type, Class and Club Championship trophies.

Sunday 7th April – SMSP Druitt (North) circuit. Event Full – Entries Closed.

Round 1 of the 2024 Motorsport Australia NSW Supersprint Championship is to be held on Sunday 7th April 2024 on the Druitt (North) circuit of Sydney Motorsport Park.

Hosted by the NSWRRC

Entry pricing for events at SMSP have increased this year mainly due to the inclusion of the compulsory ARDC MyLaps track management system transponders hire cost in the entry price and a catchup in ARDC track hire costs. The ARDC had held track hire costs flat for 3 years since 2020 to support competitors during the Covid crisis. They started catching up last year, however hire cost increases have been held well below inflation over that 5 year period.

2 Step Event Entry:

1. Complete your Event Entry and payment online via the Motorsport Australia member portal
2. Complete and submit online form SSP 09 Risk Warning, Disclaimer, Indemnity & Statement of Vehicle Compliance as well.

Your entry will not be accepted until both forms have been submitted.
Entries will be accepted in order of receipt.
Entries will close on Sunday 24th March 2024.

Important Event Information:

1. Please read the Supplementary Regulations. They contain all the requirements for the day:
SSP 10 – Part 1 Supplementary Regulation (Information common to all Rounds of the Championship)
SSP 11 – Part 2 Supplementary Regulations (Information specific to this Round of the Championship)
2. There will be no vehicle safety checks prior to competition commencing, however random audits on cars without a Motorsport Australia Log Book will be conducted throughout the day. Please refer to SSP 20 Scrutineering Reference Sheet for the items that will be audited.
3. All drivers are to show photo identification at Scrutineering check-in prior to driver wrist bands being issued.
4. Log Books are to be presented at Scrutineering check-in.
5. A Scrutineering Label is required prior to competing and will be issued once the scrutineering checks have been made.
6. Helmet checks will be made at Scrutineering, apparel checks will be made at the time of audit.
7. Competitors must download and read the SSP 17 Drivers Briefing Information Sheet.
8. If the Driver is under 18 years of age, an SSP 42 Parent/Guardian Consent must be completed and submitted during scrutineering/check-in on the day.
9. The ARDC require all vehicles to be fitted with a Mylaps safety system transponder. The cost of this has been included in the entry price. Please click here to download SSP 41 – Mylaps Briefing Notes which contains unit mounting directions and important information about the system’s operation.
10. For more information, please click here to go to the NSWRRC web site Events Page.

New Type RH for 2024

Please note that a new Type RH (Road Registered Vehicles – Highly Modified) has just been added to our SSP 03 Technical Regulations. This Type permits road registered vehicles with modifications in excess of those allowed in Type RM to compete now that road registered cars without a half cage, FHR and 5-6 point harness are no longer allowed to compete in Type TA.

Entrants to this Round will have until 10:00pm Monday 31st March 2024 to submit an online Change of Class Request if they want to take advantage of this new road registered Class structure.

Do you need to enter a vehicle that is different to the one that you originally registered for the 2024 Motorsport Australia NSW Supersprint Championship?

If so, please click here to complete and submit an online “Vehicle Replacement Form” for consideration by the Championship Registrar.