If you haven’t registered for the Motorsport Australia NSW Supersprint Championship yet, please click here to do so. Registrants receive their own competition number and become eligible to score points towards their 2023 Type, Class and Club Championship trophies.

Sunday 15th October 2023
Pheasant Wood Circuit.
Priority Entries Open!

Round 5 of the 2023 Motorsport Australia NSW Supersprint Championship is to be held on Sunday 15th October 2023 at the Pheasant Wood Circuit, 8 Prairie Oak Road, Marulan New South Wales 2579.

Hosted by the Mini Car Club NSW

Entries will be accepted in order of receipt. Entries will close on Sunday 1st October 2023.

Please note that Rounds held at the Pheasant Wood Circuit can’t be used as a dropped round for Championship points scoring unless you have entered that Round. If you can’t enter this Round for genuine reasons (eg overseas), please email the Supersprint Panel at panel@supersprintnsw.com and they will consider your circumstances and may provide an exemption.

* Event Entry is online via this Event Entry Link with payment charged to your Visa or MasterCard using the information you will be asked to provide. If you cannot make payment this way, please contact the Event Secretary on 02 9153 7635.

*There will be no vehicle safety checks prior to competition commencing, however random audits on cars without a Motorsport Australia Log Book will be conducted throughout the day. Please refer to SSP 20 Scrutineering Reference Sheet for the items that will be audited.
* If your vehicle does not have a Log Book and your vehicle’s Road Registration papers are not already on file with the Series Scrutineer, please email an image or .pdf of your vehicle’s registration papers** to clubsportdude@gmail.com and you won’t to present your vehicle’s registration papers at Scrutineering check-in for the remaining Rounds (R5 and R6) of this year.
* Log Books are to be presented at Scrutineering check-in. If your vehicle does not have a Log Book and it’s vehicle registration papers are not on file, these papers will also need to be presented at Scrutineering check-in. A Scrutineering Label is required prior to competing and will be issued once the scrutineering checks have been made. Helmet checks will be made at Scrutineering, apparel checks will be made at the time of audit.
* If the Log Book or Vehicle Registration papers are NOT in the Drivers name, an SSP 19 Automobile Legal Owners Declaration must be completed by the legal owner and presented at scrutineering. Drivers of double entered vehicles who are sharing the vehicle with the legal owner, are exempt from this requirement.
* Competitors must download and read the Drivers Briefing Information Sheet.
* If the Driver is under 18 years of age, an SSP 42 Parent/Guardian Consent must be completed and handed in at Scrutineering/Check in prior to the Drivers Briefing.
* Please read the Supplementary Regulations. They contain all the requirements for the day:
SSP 10 – Part 1 Supplementary Regulations (Information common to all Rounds of the Championship)
SSP 11 – Part 2 Supplementary Regulations (Information specific to this Round of the Championship)

For more information, please click here to go to the Mini Car Club NSW web site Current Events Page.

** Registration papers must show the name of the vehicle’s owner as this is your proof of vehicle ownership. This information is not available from the Service NSW Rego Check app. To access this information online, you need to log in to your Service NSW Account then click on the vehicle concerned in the “Vehicle Registrations” section under “My Services”. Then scroll down and click on the link under “Certificate of Registration” to download a .pdf file which can then be emailed.

Do you need to enter a vehicle that is different to the one that you originally registered for the 2023 Motorsport Australia NSW Supersprint Championship?

If so, please click here to complete and submit an online “Vehicle Replacement Form” for consideration by the Championship Administrator.