Expressions of Interest – 2019 State Supersprint Championships

Competitors who are registered for the current year (2018) Championships will be advised by email when registrations open for the 2019 Championships.

Competitors who are not registered for the 2018 Championships who would like to be advised when registrations open for the 2019 Championships, please click here to complete and submit an online Expression of Interest for the 2019 Championships. Those who have submitted an EOI for 2019 will be advised when 2019 registrations open at the same time current competitors are.

Registrations are accepted strictly on a “first in” basis.

How to Register for the State Supersprint Championships

Registrations for the 2018 NSW Supersprint Championship have closed, and are not yet open for 2019.

Registrations and Registration Fees can only be paid online.

Payments are made directly to CAMS by clicking here  In spite of the fact that CAMS have chosen to call their form an “Online Registration” form, its real purpose is to allow you to pay your Registration Fee securely. However, the form accessed through the first paragraph above is the actual Registration Form for the Championship and it MUST BE completed and submitted to secure Championship registration.

As in past years, returning registrants have the first right to use the Competition Number that they used in 2018 but only if they completed in at least one round of the 2018 Championship. So, if you didn’t compete in at least one Round in 2018 and you would like to still use the Competition Number that was previously allocated to you, it would be best to get your registration in early to ensure you secure the number. It must be made absolutely clear that if you didn’t compete in at least one Round in 2018, you don’t have any right to retain any number that was previously allocated to you and that a Competition Number will be allocated to you on a first come first served basis. The first right to use last year’s number will be available to returning registrants until the earlier of the 15th of December next and the date when registrations are closed. 

Finally, the Championship has been extremely popular over the past few years and as places are filled pretty quickly, so please don’t delay in lodging a Registration Form.

Technical Regulations – State Supersprint Championships

You may also like to download a copy of the current Technical Regulations so that you will be able to plan what Class your car will be registered as. This is important as participants in these Championships all compete at a Class and Type level. More about Classes and Types in the Technical Regulations.

Please click on the following link to download a copy: SSP 03 Technical Regulations

Sporting Regulations – State Supersprint Championships

Sporting Regulations describe the way that the Championship will be run including the Awards that will be available. Please click on the following link to download a copy of SSP 02 Sporting Regulations.